777 Charlie South Movies 2022 Full Review

If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you can’t help but lean on 777 Charlie. The latest film starring Kannada movie star Rakshit Shetty is about a permanent man, who received his release from a four-legged princess named Charlie.

If you have a dog or a dog, you know that the word ‘pet’ is a low definition to describe your relationship with an animal. Your family. And 777 Charlie arouses the right emotions as you watch the other naughty stunts Charlie unleashes without thinking twice about the consequences. Because Charlie knows that there is a Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) behind him to collect its filth.

Dharma lives a life without jealousy at all. He is not approachable, tolerant, and uncompromising when it comes to closing the door to those who want his friendship. His house is nothing but a heap of rubbish. The chaos does not affect Dharma, because he seems unable to hear anything. She lost her parents and younger sister in a car accident at a very young age. He grew up to be a bitter man. He is full of controversy. He is a fan of Charlie Chaplin but never smiles. She is an exemplary worker, living an unhappy life. He has a good heart but does not really care about anyone. His bark is much worse than his bite.

But, Dharma’s life changes when Charlie runs away from its abusive owner and wanders straight into his life. Charlie sees something in Dharma that he does not see in him. Charlie accepted Dharma as his parent and added some life to his presence. The two deportees, who had been mistreated for life, found a savior for each other. And they both set out on a journey of discovery.

Charlie is the heart and soul of the film. And this canine character has brought some of the most exciting and exciting moments we have ever seen. Every wide-eyed look, every kiss and every other funny reaction is full of charms. Rakshit Shetty plays the role of supporting Charlie; he, like my colleague, understands and respects the fact that this film belongs to a canine star.

Director Kiranraj K washed Charlie’s world with the colors of a soft green light that filled each frame with a sense of calm. The color palette mimics the Bengaluru climate in monsoon and thus captures the quality of a dream. Composer songs by Nobin Paul blend seamlessly with Kiranraj’s concept, enhancing the feel of the movie.

The chaos, the relentless violence, and the killing of guns of all shapes and sizes have shaped our core film culture this year to date. This year’s mantra has been – great guns, great destruction, great success in the box office. And 777 Charlie makers deserve to be slapped on the back for believing that people will still respond to movies that offer a quiet imaginative experience about the folly of life.

Film: 777 Charlie

Director: Kiranraj K

Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B Shetty and Bobby Simhaa

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