Sher Bagga Punjabi Movie Review, Trailer

Review – Gulab (played by Sonam Bajwa) wants the kind of love that is embodied in the stories of her grandmother’s husband – pure and honest. Disappointed by her parents who are living their lives after remarrying, Gulab ends up on a symbolic path to kiss all the frogs looking for his handsome prince. And meeting Satveer, originally from Punjab, is another frog experience, which leaves Gulab sad and angry. In showing Gulab in all his emotions, Sonam is so deep in the actor’s skin that it is difficult to distinguish the actor from him on the screen. Thanks to Sonam for putting a strong loyalty to Gulab, his rise and fall, his temper and his gentleness. This is probably one of the most challenging roles in her career as she plays a pregnant woman and comes out victorious, without power. Ammy Virk, who plays the role of Dilsher aka Shera, repeats her simple role from a few previous appearances, but for Sher Bagga, the purity of her character stems from the purity of a true lover.

As the two end up spending the night together unintentionally, the fame of dealing with this dilemma, for the first time on screen in a Punjabi film, goes to director Jagdeep Sidhu. And the filmmaker, Sidhu quickly controls the art of complex stories in Punjabi films. By blurring the scenes of making love, Sidhu plays a powerful narrator in his own way by going through a bold scene that recounts its consequences, rather than recording an event per second. The good communication of the modern audience, the story is revealing, but it is embarrassing for any visual courage that may bring shame while watching it with the elders in the family.

Film music, however, is not its power. Although the letters of the alphabet are deep, they do not correspond to the intensity of the emotions expressed. Maybe in one film this music would do well, but for Sher Bagga they do not do much to support the narrative.

Although veteran actress Nirmal Rishi, who plays the role of Shera’s grandmother, is not her usual noisy old lady on screen, yet in this case she does not lose her episodes.

Sher Bagga is still a turning point in Punjabi cinema and celebrates modern relationships removing their folly while repeating the fact that pure love still exists.

Sher Bagga Movie Details

DirectorJagdeep Sidhu
ProducerDaljit Thind
WriterJagdeep Sidhu
CompanyThind Motion Films
Ammy Virk Productions
Release Date24 June 2022
Running Time2h 30m
IMDb RatingUnavailable

Sher Bagga Movie Cast

Ammy Virk
Sonam Bajwa
Nirmal Rishi
Baninder Bunny
Jasneet Kaur
Gurdial Singh

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